Hi, I'm

Géraldine Hafkemeijer

Evaluation | Solution | Action

My Why

I wake up everyday with one goal: to make a difference in someone’s life. A client, a colleague, someone in need or just a friend. Learning, daring and continuously improving is how I make my purpose a reality.

I am a true citizen of the world, an explorer, an authetic thinker and a problem-solver.

My moto:
Do each day something you are afraid to do.

Things I’m proud of

In a nutshell

Born in New York, I have had the privilege to call Brussels, Paris, London and now Amsterdam my home, and to travel to many more cities. I thrive in international environments where authenticity, boldness and resilience matter more than background and degrees. 

Improving my environment and helping businesses and people thrive is my purpose. My main strengths? Analyzing, crafting solutions and driving change. This is what I bring to each organisation, client or team that I work with. My greatest satisfaction is to look back and see the difference I have made. This is why I started ZEBRA Advisory. 

Passionate by nature and with a heart for ecology, I am a conscious consumer and love to find new and creative ways to reduce my ecological footprint. With LUUX care, I have chosen to share my best tips for natural beauty: LED Light Therapy and pure organic cosmetics, promoting beauty from the inside out and helping people be the best version of themselves. In my spare time, philosophy, history, art and friendships give extra flavor to my life and bring me happiness.

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